Magnetostrictive level probes


Magnetostrictive level probes are intended for continious measurement of petroleum products levels (fuel and LPG), produced water level and temperature in tanks at petrol stations, tank farms and refineries.

Start Italiana ATG probe

Start Italiana ATG probe


SP300 Magnetostrictive probe 
Windbell SP series magnetostrictive probe is the core part of Automatic tank gauges products. This probe take advantages of Wiedeman effect, Viuary effect and Ultrasonic effect of intelligent material, by measuring time value difference which can be easily measured with high-precision, to convert to displacement difference, so achieven high accuracy measuring for liquid product level.

Applied liquid products

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel 
  • Kerosene
  • Ethanol Gasoline
  • Bio Diesel
  • Water
  • Other approved light oil products

Data measured

  • Product level
  • Water level
  • Temperature
  • Product inventory
  • Empty capacity (Order capacity)


  • Transfer probe data to console in real time, including product level, water level, tempature
  • 5 points temperature sensors offer precision measurement as the basis of temperature compensation and leak detection
  • Digital signal transmit have remarkable highlights than traditional analog signals, especially on high anti-interruption ability, enhance long distance communication as 500m, and higher security.
  • Leak detection ability support 0.38Liter/Hour, and 0.76Liter/Hour, static and dynamic leak detection connects with SS160 console. This programmable Leak Detection can be set detect by daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Technical parameter

  • Power supply                                                DC12V
  • Precision                                                       +/- 0.5mm
  • Repeatability                                                 +/- 0.2mm
  • Resolution                                                     0.01mm
  • Temperature accuracy                                 0.0625 centigrade
  • Temperature range                                      -40 to 60 centigrade
  • Measure range                                              20mm to 4000mm
  • Temperature sensors                                   5 points
  • Maximum communication distance            500m
  • Communication                                             RS485
  • Intrinsic safety parameter    
  • Power port: Ui-15V, Ii=400mA, Pi-1.2W, Ci=4.85uF, Li=0
  • Signal port: Ui=7.14V, Ii=147mA, Pi=0.26W, Ci=0, Li=0
  • Associated apparatus                               GSB03 intrinsic safety barrier
  • Explosion proof grade                               [Exia] II AT 4
  • Definition of wires

           Blue            Power 
           Brown        RS485A 
          White         RS485B 
           Black         GND

  • Communication address    6 digits, see the” Manufacturing code” or S/N code on probe nameplate


Probes can be connected either directly to a PC through an interface converter RS-485/RS-232 and an intrinsically safe power supply unit (in case if used in explosive zones), or through a CBX controller for fuel dispensers and ATG systems for petrol stations. Using a CBX controller additionally allows simulataneous control over a large variety of fuel and LPG dispensers used at petrol stations and storage depots.

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